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An Almost Exact Duplicate of Our Company??

In 2019, a new entrant to the fulfillment lead generation service industry emerged – Since lead generation within the fulfillment industry and online matchmaking is “our thing”, the introduction of this new competitor got our attention. To our surprise, unlike the newest batch of competitors that focus on offering an “Uberized” fulfillment service where they earn a commission and focus on offering on-demand warehousing and fulfillment, apparently agreed with the age-old notion that “good artists copy and great artists steal.” Why the harsh words, you might ask? Let’s take a closer look at their site and offering and delve a little deeper into any feedback they’ve received on their business and why someone would want to use their service.

The Art of the Copy

Founded in 2019 by a former Shopify employee and based out of Atlanta, GA, is a fulfillment matching service. Just like our company (only our company was founded in 2005), they offer to match you with the best companies. Most of the wording and advertising that they convey online is eerily similar to our websites:

  • Buttons that promise to Get Free Matches
  • They match you with 5 fulfillment companies
  • Their service is “completely free to the searcher” and they only get a small fee when they connect you with fulfillment options

Even their online forms are extremely similar, asking nearly identical questions. They say that copying is the greatest form of flattery – but it also says a lot about the company and the level of service, trust and integrity that they pursue in their business.

Getting past the striking resemblance to our company, one of the most important questions that potential users of this service should ask themselves before using their matching service is the extent to which they know the industry and their overall ability to truly provide a thought leadership capability to help you choose the best company. Their founder is currently Senior Product Manager and Calendly and running at the same time (a potential “side hustle”)? It doesn’t appear that there are any other employees at, and if that’s the case you will be relying on getting help from a single person that doesn’t appear to have ever run a fulfillment company and is working another full-time job. There is at least a potential for slower service and questionable depth of experience in all of the nuances of the fulfillment industry. Reviews

After searching the Web for reviews released to, we were unable to find any at all. Years in Existence has been around since February 2019 – one year of experience. Company Contact Info

You can tell a lot about a company by the information you can find about their employees and the methods with which you can communicate with them. Not all of the time, but many times a website can convey trust by putting information about the employees on the website. And being able to contact the company by phone rather than just email or forms is an extremely important signal that a company is large enough to handle the needs of diverse sets of customers. We could not find any data to this effect about this company.

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