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EFill Source Ratings and Reviews

EFill Source Overview and Highlights

EFill Source is a lead generation company that matches you with eCommerce businesses with eCommerce experts around the world that can help you grow your business. They claim to  pre-screens partners and matches them to the specific needs of your business. If this sounds very familiar, we know why – because EFill Source is founded by a person that used to use our service at

Of course, there is no harm in other companies starting their own competing business, except this situation is different for a couple of main reasons:

First, EFill Source was started and run while the owner was still working for a popular fulfillment company in Michigan. In other words, they effectively can’t say that they maintained “independence” and were unbiased. However, this is and has always been their claim, that they will offer you unbiased connections (just like us at

Second, while it’s not unheard of that people will effectively steal an idea and start a competing business (and there’s not a lot stopping companies from doing this), the more interesting thing was when one of our warehouse vendors came to us and showed us the negotiating agreement that EFill Source had presented them with in order to have them sign up for their service – we were shocked and horrified to find that it was an identical copy of our service agreement. In other words, EFill Source decided to copy almost verbatim our contract, a very confidential document.

Thanks to EFill Source, we made it a policy right after we found out about the theft of our contracts to amend our agreements with wording that protects us from companies stealing our info or competing with us directly and using all of the trade secrets that they learned while a part of our service. So, in that sense, we can thank EFill Source for keeping us on our toes and for making us tighten up our relationships with our warehouses. But it still stung to know that someone would stoop so low as to copy confidential information and copy most of what we did at the time – including exact language on their site, etc.

The Final Verdict on EFill Source

At the end of the day, we decided to inform people of this company because it’s so vital to know who you’re doing business with. Perhaps they’ve changed their ways now and no longer steal confidential info and perhaps they are no longer biased in who they recommend. But regardless, it’s important to understand where they came from and make a thorough inspection of their service before you move forward with them.

Also, as a point of note, as the intent of this article is to review their service, we would like to point out that everything on their site is vague and non-concrete, from ‘no information whatsoever on the people you’re doing business with’ (which could very well be due to the above mentioned reasons), to no verifiable customer reviews, etc. This is beyond suspicious, and worth of extreme due diligence and vetting.

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