We are looking for quality affiliates to build lasting relationships with in the future.  Simply display a link on your web site where visitors can see it.  When clicked, business consumers will be routed to a B2B quote request form.  B2B services range from fulfillment and warehousing services to forklifts and website design. This completed form will be sent to multiple vendors who will compete for their business.  You can offer your business customers a quality service while at the same time earn unlimited cash flow.  We offer competitive rates for qualified leads.  The more qualified leads that you send per month, the higher the payout! Increased payouts are available based on performance.

To find out more about our service, contact us at [email protected] or sign up online:

Please note, we will not accept any applicants that:  infringe upon trademarked names, promote unlawful activities, or contain malicious content.