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In a recent survey we found that 52% of fulfillment companies didn’t meet customers’ expectations.

The Good News is that we’ve found the Overachievers. For 11 years we’ve been thoroughly screening fulfillment companies so that we can connect you with the best.

Here’s The Top 3 Reasons why many fulfillment companies underperform:

  1. Too Many Misshipments – If a fulfillment company doesn’t have adequate systems and processes in place, errors are commonplace.
  2. Lack of Service – This can come in two forms. First, we found a high occurrence of shipping related questions not being answered quickly enough. Second, especially with some of the larger fulfillment companies like Amazon, we found the customers didn’t have adequate communication lines for routine follow up because most support is online and lacks a human touch.
  3. Pricing Expectations Unmet – The third reason companies find that their fulfillment company isn’t meeting their needs is that they either got hit with unexpected costs or didn’t realize as much savings as anticipated.

So what can you do to make sure you don’t end up on the wrong side of the fence? Fill out the form to the right and get connected with thoroughly qualified fulfillment companies. We’ve found the companies that Ship Accurately, provide the level of Service you need, and offer service at a competitive price that will allow you to make an ROI on your investment.

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