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how-it-works-header2 Public warehousing can be a vital piece of your supply chain, but finding the best company involves taking a number of factors into consideration. First, you’ve got to thoroughly understand all of your needs. Second, the challenge becomes selecting an appropriate partner based upon these needs that offers the most competitive pricing. We’ll address each of these factors below.

Understanding Your Specific Needs

While there are many things involved in selecting an appropriate partner, you should definitely understand the following four things about your specific needs. First, and often of supreme importance, is geography. In other words, where do you need the warehouse to be located? Second, what sorts of additional services do you need performed. While most companies offer storage space for your product, you may also need shipping services or pick and pack services or kitting services – so you’ll want to be sure that you partner with a company that can meet all of your needs. Third, you need to understand the extent to which technology plays a role in your supply chain. If you need real time reporting for your inventory levels, you’ll need a company that is capable of meeting this requirement. Fourth, you’ll want to be sure that the chosen firm can expand or contract to meet the ever changing needs of your warehousing requirements. Perhaps your needs increase during the holiday season, or you expect your sales to grow significantly over the next couple of years. Some vendors have excess space so that they can expand to meet the growth of your company’s sales level.

Finding the Company that Can Meet Your Needs

After you’ve evaluated the above criteria, you can now begin contacting warehousing companies in order to evaluate their ability to meet your needs and access their pricing to determine if it will be a cost effective solution for your company. In order to find out about a company’s ability to meet your needs, it’s wise to not only meet with them and tour their facilities, but also speak with various team members and call some of their current customers for reviews. It is also highly recommended that you speak with multiple vendors so that you can compare the various options. By looking at multiple companies, you’ll be able to see the differences between various companies and negotiate better pricing due to this knowledge. Of course, we don’t recommend that you make a decision based upon price alone, but rather take into consideration both a company’s capabilities in addition to pricing.

The Solution – Get Quotes From Pre-Screened Companies

This can be a very intimidating process, so we created our company in order to assist you with this process. There are so many Public Warehouse companies out there, and many of them aren’t as good as they claim. For 7 years, we’ve been screening these organizations to find those companies that perform at a high level and offer favorable terms. Before we bring a fulfillment house into our network, we access each company’s track record, including their financial stability, level of service, accuracy of order processing, and customer reviews, among other various other factors.

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