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If it is fulfillment services you want and you’re looking for UNBIASED Quotes, then you’ve found the right place. We used to work in the industry, so we know what to look for in the best companies. Not every company is created equal. Some specialize in Order Fulfillment (processing orders for businesses that sell products through wholesalers and retailers), some specialize in Online Orders (processing orders for businesses that sell products online), some specialize in Drop Shipping (processing orders directly from the manufacturer) and others specialize in Direct Response campaigns (otherwise known as “Direct to Consumer” – processing orders from infomercials). And this is only a few examples! Regardless, most firms will tell you that they “do it all” – even though they may only do some of what you’re looking for. We help connect you with the right types of organizations. And by getting you multiple quotes, you can rest assured that you’ll save money on your costs and pricing.

What are the Main Fulfillment Fees?

One of the biggest challenges about deciding which company to use is comparing apples to apples when it comes to pricing. Most Supply Chain companies have different ways of charging. This is why getting multiple quotes is imperative. By taking a look at the various proposals from competing companies, you can not only find out all of the costs involved with every vendor (some companies won’t tell you all of the costs up front), but you can also use the competitive bid process to get the best overall rates. Every little bit counts when it comes to your business, so getting the lowest cost solution is essential.

In a general sense, most Logistics companies will charge four main types of Costs – Receiving, Storage, Pick and Pack, and Shipping. Here’s a couple of helpful hints to look for in choosing a provider:

  • Do they charge monthly minimum fees?
  • In terms of Shipping – what discounts can they provide you for shipping on their account (they should have great shipping rates)
  • Do they provide volume discounts?
  • Do they provide shipping cartons or will that be an extra charge?

Of course, choosing a solution that specializes in what you need and has fair pricing is only half of the battle when making an ultimate decision as to which company to use. You must also make sure that they perform well. In order to do this, ask for references, talk to some of their customers, check online for registration with the Better Business Bureau and other organizations, talk to some of their employees, and make sure that the Fulfillment Center is in good financial condition.

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