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If you’re in the market for a fulfillment solution to store and ship your goods for you and integrate with your shopping cart online, we can help connect you with multiple companies that will provide multiple quotes so that you can be sure you get the best pricing and lower your overall company cost. We help you in two main areas. First, our executives used to run logistics companies, so they know how to pick the best vendors out of the myriad of logistics firms out there. In the case of internet retailers, it’s extremely important that you select a company that has a track record of accepting orders online and not just traditional warehousing. Second, we will help you get the best pricing by connecting you with multiple companies – so that you can capitalize on the competitive bidding process. After all, what’s the use of finding a great company only to find out they charge an arm and a leg! We know that you have to work within a budget.

What is an eCommerce Fulfillment Company Anyway?

So let’s talk a moment about what these firms are exactly. The main point is that these companies focus on exchanging order information over the web, so that they can receive orders directly from your online shopping cart and then pass you back shipping tracking information directly into your online shopping cart. Your typical warehouse vendor may only deal with companies that don’t have a web store. They might accept order information via email, phone and fax. DRTV vendors usually focus on infomercial products, whereas traditional warehousing companies have experience working with retail customers and the usual EDI (electronic data interchange) that takes place within that industry.

What Do eFulfillment Services Charge?

Now that you know what to look for, let’s focus in on costs and pricing. Bottom line…you want to get the best rates possible. Usually, the pricing includes receiving fees, storage fees (either per pallet or per square/cubic footage), pick and pack fees, and shipping fees. However, with eCommerce Fulfillment Pricing, you’ll also see fees associated with the integration of your web store with their inventory management system. These fees for integration can range from free (if they already have an existing integration with your shopping cart) to thousands of dollars. While costs are important to consider, don’t forget about how important it is that the system works. If orders or tracking get lost in cyber space, you’re in big trouble. Therefore, don’t forget that you get what you pay for.

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