December 2020 Warehouse Survey

WarehousingAndFulfillment is conducting the following survey of its' warehousing customers in order to provide you feedback on what other warehousing companies are doing to measure performance, what costs are incurred to run the warehouse and what pricing is offered to customers. We want to thank you in advance for providing this information.

IMPORTANT: We will not be associating your company with any of the responses you make on this survey, so that you can give accurate and truthful responses. IT IS COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. The only information that we will be collecting and sharing is the aggregate and average results of the survey. We will be notifying you of the results via email in January 2021.

***After feedback from last year's survey, we have added more questions. We know that this adds a bit to the time to complete this survey, but we are so thankful for your extra efforts and can assure you that this info will be valuable to you!

We hope that the results of this survey are useful for you to compare what you're doing versus other companies within your industry. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.

Thank you again! The staff at

  • Your Performance Metrics

  • Your Warehouse Costs

  • Your Customer Pricing