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September 2016
September 2016 Newsletter – Key Stats from August, Results of Our 3PL Software Survey, and Tips on Paid Search Marketing.
Gearing up for Q4
Hard to believe that we are nearing the holiday season. We hope that this year has been a good one for you.

In the September newsletter, we will update you on a few stats from the month of August, the results of our 3PL software survey, and we will be continuing a new series about different ways to market your warehouse by discussing paid search marketing. If there is anything in particular that you feel would be useful this coming year, please let us know!

If you have any other thoughts, ideas or questions, please reply to this email and we are happy to answer any questions you have about our service or schedule a call to discuss further.
In the meantime, best of wishes for a wonderful beginning to fall and we look forward to talking to you soon
Will Schneider
Leads from August
In the month of August, here are a few examples of leads that came through our system:
Online bag seller looking for a facility to warehouse and fulfill orders to customers. Orders shipped per month between 200-499 and pallets on hand of 15 on average.
Audio and electronics company looking for a warehouse and fulfillment center to perform order fulfillment. Orders are currently between 200-499 per month.
Well known weight loss company looking for warehousing services. Warehousing services needed to start with 1,000+ square feet.
Below are some other key stats from August:
9.9% of all leads were forecasting greater than 1,000 orders per month. These are the category of leads in our system that represent the largest order volume on a monthly basis and are usually less frequent since there are fewer large companies.
11.3% of all leads were looking for warehousing services only. These warehousing only leads are companies looking for straight warehousing services only without the need for fulfillment or frequent shipping services.
the results are in
Last month we conduct a survey of the warehouses using our service that asked for feedback regarding the 3PL warehouse software used. The results are in:

Most of you indicated that you used a purchased/leased software, although there was a surprising percentage that has built a proprietary software.

Perhaps warehousing companies are opting more and more to pursue custom solutions in order to meet the more stringent demands of businesses, especially as technology evolves within the industry.

66% use purchased/leased versus 34% have built a proprietary software.
For most, the warehouse software of choice at least meets the basic needs. But only a very small percentage actually say that their system far exceeds their expectations. To view all of the results, check out our article at
5% say their system far exceeds their needs and 18% say it meets some but not all needs.
Other Lead Generation Tools
Last week we spoke about some of the pros and cons to email marketing. This month we’re going to explore another popular lead generation tool – paid search marketing.
What is Paid Search Marketing?
Paid search marketing is a popular form of online marekting. One of the reasons it is so popular is that it can be implemented right away and is immediate in implementation. Paid search marketing involves advertising on the top, bottom, and now sometimes the right hand side of the search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing among others. It can be a helpful tool in your marketing tool kit if used the right way. Below, we explore some of the pros and cons, and give some suggestions specifically for logistics companies.
Pros of Paid Search Marketing
As mentioned above, it does not take long for you to implement a paid search campaign. If you know what you are doing, you could start in the morning and have your ads up by the afternoon or sooner. All it takes is to set up an account with the search engines, choose your keywords, create ads and direct them to specific pages on your site. Sounds simple enough, right? For those looking for an immediate impact, paid search could well be the way to go.
Cons of Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing, while easy to implement and availale to all, is one of the most dangerous marketing channels available. If not carefully crafted and set up, you can end up spending a lot of money and getting very little return. You pay for each “click” on your ads, so if not careful you can easily have a wasted spend that will make your head spend. In fact it is not uncommon for unsophisticated advertisers to waste in excess of 80-85% of their marketing spend. In other words, if you spend $100, $85 of it might not result in anything positive. Furthermore, conversion rates can be low for this type of marketing, resulting in less than 10% and in most cases even less than 5% conversion rates – leaving you with few leads. Needless to say, paid search marketing requires a great deal of time, effort and management to work well at best.

Furthermore, the search engines are evolving daily, and changes are frequent. Most recently, Google sent the paid search industry into a tailspin when it changed the way it renders its results – eliminating the right hand side that included many ads. This had the effect of decreasing the total ad slots on the page, driving up the cost per click due to increased competition and decreasing exposure for many. This and other changes have made it increasingly difficult to make paid search a viable marketing channel. 

Specific Advice for Logistics Professionals
In our industry, to be successful with paid search marketing you must be determined to stick with this channel over the long haul and to create a specific focus. The search engines are happy and eager to take your money, so you have to be extremely detailed in your strategy and execution. One of the best ways to do this is to find certain niches that you want to target and then use creative ways to find targeted people in that industry. 

Stay tuned for next month and our lead generation tip about Organic Search Engine Marketing (SEO)!

Don’t Forget
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If you stumble upon a lead you can’t help, do not forget to send them our way. If they respond to us, we’ll either credit you $30 for a lead on your next invoice, or send you a check for $30 – whichever you prefer. Similarly, if you know of another good warehouse, perhaps in another area of the country, we will either credit you $50 or send you a check for $50 if they sign up!

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