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  • We can help you get Order Fulfillment quotes from the BEST companies. There are so many firms out there…and they all seem to promise the world. Most of the vendors claim that they can handle all types of fulfillment. And, of course, they claim that they can provide the lowest rates. This just simply can't be true. Since our management team used to run logistics firms, we know what to look for when it comes to finding the best solution. We help you by being a resource for you as you make this decision and by connecting you with multiple, pre-screened vendors. But don’t fall prey to two of the most common mistakes in selecting an vendor.

    Pricing Isn't the Only Factor

    First and foremost, while Order Fulfillment Costs and Prices play a significant role in the decision making process, don’t let it be the only factor in your decision. Far too many times we’ve seen companies with a great product outsource their needs to a company that gave them the cheapest prices, but had less than stellar performance and/or service. Remember the age old adage, you get what you pay for. Instead, use our quote service to make vendors compete for your business so that you get the best pricing from companies that can do a great job.

    Second, go into the relationship with proper perspective. No provider is perfect, so there will be mistakes. But the big question is, “What will they do when a mistake happens?” Will they re-ship an order at their expense? If inventory counts are off, will they compensate you for the loss? Speaking with multiple firms allows you to really compare and contrast the different services of each company.

    Finding the right freight broker could help you balance your customer’s delivery satisfaction while minimizing your carrying expenses just by outsourcing your inventory management.

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